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The Ridiculous Minimum

By Leslianna Federici
Jul 23, 2014

When I started practicing (emphasis on practicing) meditation about 15 years ago, I coined a term called the ridiculous minimum, this is the amount of time one will commit to a given action that is so unbelievably small that said person would feel silly not following through. I am still waiting for the term to go viral so I can genuinely coin this term…in the meantime it has served me and a handful of other folks in my life abundantly.

What is Yoga Nidra?

By Molly Crowley
Jul 20, 2014

There are many documented benefits of a regular meditation practice and there are easily as many obstacles that discourage us from pursuing an active meditation practice. Yoga Nidra can meet you where you are and allow you to access the benefits of mediation without some of the discomfort that can arise when you are alone with your mind..

Spring - an expression of life at it's strongest

By Kayla Fell
Mar 08, 2014

Spring is the season of wood energy.