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What’s the point? Enhancing the benefits of your yoga practice through acupuncture.

By Kayla Fell
Dec 07, 2013

There are striking similarities between the yogi’s and the acupuncturist’s take on energy.. Call it by a different name (while you might hear your yoga teacher refer to energy as life force or prana, your acupuncturist will refer to it as Qi), the intention is the same: to create a free unhindered flow of energy.

Feel the need to 'Winterize'?

By Kayla Fell
Nov 05, 2013

We're super excited about our monthly Community Acupuncture collaboration with Owen McPeake, a practitioner from Flat Rock Health in Manayunk & the Vincera Institute. Every second Wednesday starting November 13th, stay after the flow class or drop-in after, when we'll get comfortable in a supported savasana, turn the lights down & the heat up and invite acupuncture to rejuvenate, relax and recharge the body's energy. In Chinese thinking the concept of energy reserves is easily understood like a bank account.

Self-care your way to feeling good..

By Biz Magarity
Oct 21, 2013

If you have decided to embark on a cleanse this week or in the near future, make sure that you factor in some self-care practices. Even if you know that there will be a benefit to taking a break from the foods that you crave, the moment of abstinence can be very challenging. These practices can pamper, replenish, reward and enhance your fall detoxification.