Yoga Therapy

For the individual with specific or persistent health/stress problems, and those working towards injury prevention or rehabilitation, meet with us one-on-one to implement a personalized and evolving yoga regimen that can be preventative, curative and restorative. Our team collaborates with Vincera Institute surgeons, athletic trainers and physical therapists to define specific protocol and goals with an emphasis on balance, strength, flexibility, mental focus and breath work. From general conditioning to injury recovery, yoga treats multiple bodily systems at once: accelerating healing, providing active rest and cultivating stress relief. Yoga Therapy focuses include: Core Muscle and Hip, Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions, Concussions, Pelvic Floor, Chronic Pain.


Pick the time, focus, frequency & pace that works for you and your body. Discounts available for multi-class packages.



We collaborate with Vincera Institute to develop yoga programs that promote optimum health and performance in athletes. Our programs focus on the rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries. See our advice for runners here

Yoga enhances core body stability, and significantly impedes overuse injury by addressing the supportive musculature.  See how it can improve your games, from weekend warriors to dedicated enthusiasts.

The Yoga Wall offers many therapeutic benefits helping individuals heal and find relief from stress injuries, arthritis, back pain and a variety of conditions

Like a muscle, the mind can be trained through yoga. Winning athletes and successful professionals leverage the mind’s incredible power to center focus, be present without fear, and visualize success

We have worked with hundreds of professional, collegiate and recreational athletes to find ways to incorporate yoga into their training for performance improvement, recovery, injury recovery and prevention.