Ahoy and welcome to the launch of the Nava Yoga Center blog!

Posted Sep 3rd, 2013 by Biz Magarity

Please forgive the overuse of nautical terms and seaward puns in this, our maiden posting. We promise to stop after this post! However, it is hard to ignore the similarities in launching a boat and launching a blog. Both require a gentle easing in to the water or the unknown, a setting of course and intention and some initiative to set forth on a journey.

We will begin with the name, Nava Yoga Center. This is the source of the boat puns, because Nava is the Sanskrit word for boat. For those of you that have ever named a child, a pet, a business or a boat, you know that sometimes you get lucky, either by means of divine intervention or pure dumb luck, a winning name just comes to you. Other times it requires patience, research, weighing of opinions and many scraps of paper. Naming Nava was the latter, but we believe it deeply reflects the history and tradition of our environment and the intention and mission of our future.

  • Nava Yoga Center is docked among the boats. We salute the rich history and tradition of the Philadelphia Navy Yard.
  • Navasana is the boat pose. This yoga pose builds strength and awareness in the core muscle groups. This reflects the work that we will be doing with the Vincera Institute to develop yoga programs for rehabilitation and prevention of core muscle injuries
  • The symbolic meaning of the boat is that it is a vessel to carry you from chaos and darkness to understanding and enlightenment. Today The Navy Yard is a dynamic and innovative business environment. Nava Yoga Center is a haven for the hard working members of this community to step out of their hectic work environments and find clarity in their own center.

Coming next on the Nava blog: Open your heart to the Wednesday Workshops starting in September!

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