Creating intention with purpose

Posted Dec 29th, 2014 by Kayla Fell

It’s been a sickness laden holiday for those in my house. Between stomach bug and sinus infection, the culmination of 2014 shall go down as a kind of, how can i put this politely.. purging of the bad. So with fragile constitutions and tender demeanors, all bets are off for New Year’s. No drives upstate for elaborate house parties. No overindulgence on fancy libations. Absolutely no dancing til dawn.

Instead, we are getting cosy at home and re-igniting a ritual. It’s simple and I thought I’d share it. Perhaps you too are lying low this year? Craving some quiet time with yourself or loved ones? Perhaps you have a ritual of your own that you’d like to share. Do it. Here’s ours:

Create a sacred space in your home that you can be quiet either alone or with loved ones. Light some candles. Find a comfortable seat that you feel relaxed and present in.

In a journal or with a friend/s begin by each sharing the things for which you are thankful for this past year. These don’t have to be huge and earth shattering. Cultivating gratitude is finding joy in the smallness of things, the everyday. What are the relationships that made a difference this year and why? Where were the surprises or diversions in the road that made for unexpected joys? What were the new places that you discovered? When did you feel most connected with your joy, your light, your calling? What were the funniest moments? Consider this your year in review. You know, like that nifty thing on Facebook that curates all the highlights for you at a flick of a switch.

Next, consider the habits, behavior or beliefs that you’d like to let go of in the new year. What are the negative self-thoughts that serve no purpose? Which relationships are toxic in your life? What’s your biggest overindulgence – food, social media, spending money..? Tread light. And if you’d prefer, writing these things that weigh you down and no longer serve you on a piece of paper that you then burn or destroy can feel wonderfully therapeutic.

Finally. Create a written list, of all the things you’d like to manifest for 2015. Be brave. Brazen. But be specific, creative and think big. And speak about it in the present tense for kicks. As in ” I am working at this terrific new job that values me”, “I am finally in love with someone who respects me”, “I am taking time for myself everyday via morning meditation”. Put this manifestation list somewhere that you can return to throughout the year, knowing that you can add to it as you wish and giving yourself liberty for it to change.

Seal your ritual with a toast. Perhaps a simple prayer of gratitude, toast to letting go of the things that no longer serve you and cheers to greater abundance of everything that reveals your light to others. There’s something so sweetly fortifying about taking the time to sit in quiet acknowledgement of our journey. Reflection enables an appreciation of growth in our lives. And it empowers us to focus on the present in a way that is both self-accepting and hopeful.

Wishing you a new year filled to the brim with diversions, joyful missteps, unexpected pleasures, wild adventures and soulful quiet. Cheers!
Bring it 2015!

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