Fall into Paying Attention

Posted Sep 18th, 2013 by Kayla Fell

Fall into Paying Attention

I know.. If you hear another person tell you how great Fall feels, while you reluctantly tug on your first pair of socks since May, you might scream. For those of us who luxuriate in the heat and humidity of August, summer’s guilty secret is that Fall will always follow and with it comes cooler air heavy with change.

You notice the difference on your mat as the body is slower to warm up, stubborn and cranky almost, and you find yourself pining for those dog days of summer. But rather than resisting change, Fall reminds us to embrace this need to slow down, acknowledging how overly busy we’ve been and that it’s time to seek some quiet restoration.

The workshop theme this month has been leaning in to lighten up, even if that means getting cozy with change that feels uncomfortable at first but which will bear fruit later. This past weekend was spent at my house tediously digging and moving dirt from one end of the yard to another – a backbreaking and monotonous task we had allowed ourselves to avoid during a summer filled with fun distraction and ample excuses to be busy elsewhere. Yoga practice too can feel like that – there are always ways of avoiding practice & postures but yet if we only got to do the things we liked or were good at, what on earth would we learn? Practice is often tedious, monotonous, uncomfortable even, because it is in the quiet repetition that we get out of our heads and into our bodies. Bypassing what we don’t like, whether it be a pose or a season, stunts our growth. We get our hands in the dirt by tending to our practice regardless of how we feel, acknowledging the fatigue, discomfort or ennui to practice anyway. And from there, change comes.

This Saturday Sept 21st, we will be showing up at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Fall Garden Festival in honor of our gardener friends. We’ll also be planting seeds in the Kids Garden with some yoga play and crafts. The yoga postures above are an excerpt from those we’ll be offering to help gardeners ease sore shoulders, soothe backache and stretch tired legs throughout the day. The Fall Garden Festival is held on the Parade Ground at The Navy Yard and is open to the public from 10-7pm. For full details http://phsonline.org/events/phs-fall-garden-festival

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