Leadership Stress DETOX with Transformational Life Coach Erin Owen

Posted Mar 31st, 2017 by Kayla Fell

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Want to regain control of your time & energy? Seeking more meaning in your personal life?

Nava Yoga have teamed up with Erin Owen MBA to offer an integrated workshop to de-stress, re-prioritize and transform unhealthy habits:

– Identify your stress triggers & their physical symptoms.

– Understand the value of taking small steps towards change.

– Transform the way you approach challenges and time management.

– Learn simple techniques that help cultivate a grounded and resilient work/life balance.

Ancient Practices + Today’s Science
The history and science of the stress-reducing breathing and yoga components of this transformational workshop have been demonstrated through millennia, and refined through modern medicine’s understanding of our human biology and physiology. One employer-based study Yoga for Reducing Perceived Stress and Back Pain At Work Pub. Occupational Medicine 2012, Hartfiel et al showed positive benefits for reducing perceived stress and low back pain verses a control group.

Simple Formulas for Sustainable Change
The two primary business frameworks that we will be sharing to shift mindset and immediately reduce mental and physical stress come from two well known and time-tested approaches that may be familiar:
(1) Stew Friedman’s Total Leadership
(2) David Emerald’s TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)

What is different about Erin?
She takes a truly intriguing — and highly effective — East-meets-West approach to help leaders:
• Work strategically smarter (not habitually harder)
• Activate untapped potential by removing mindset barriers and activating all centers of intelligence
• Deliver the needed results by much more creative means

Erin Owen provides coaching support to business leaders and entrepreneurs, executives within domestic and international companies, MBA students in the Wharton Executive Coaching and Feedback Program, and women in leadership at the University of Cincinnati.
Find out more Erin’s innovative offerings here

This session also includes breath and mindfulness techniques alongside take-home materials, and a post-session check-in.

Want to talk to us about offering our Stress DETOX workshop at your workplace or with colleagues? Contact us via info@navayogacenter.com or call us at 267 5923167 for more information.

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