Leaning In to Lightening Up

Posted Sep 4th, 2013 by Kayla Fell

The phrase that I have heard the most often over the last few weeks is, “as soon as the summer is over…” The words that came after this phrase all involved actions and resolutions. September seems to be about buckling down, being more productive, getting back to routines and health conscious choices. Are we all programmed this way from our school days? Or do the dog days of summer just pull us so far out of our normal mode that we have to make a drastic adjustment to get back to a healthy routine.

It is time to dust off the sand, say good-bye to the ice cream truck and head back to your yoga practice. The Yoga Sutras suggest that you can reach a stable state of tranquility when your yoga practice is well established for a long period of time without a break. These sutras were written long before the advent of summer softball leagues and board meeting presentations, but there have always been distractions of one kind or another. It has always been easy to lose focus. September is a great month to refocus and reengage your self to a committed practice.

To help you dive a little deeper, we are introducing the Wednesday Night Workshop class. Each month we will have a theme. The weekly classes will be taught by either Kayla or I, and on some nights both of us. This will allow you to work on something and build your practice through repetition and with the benefit of two teacher’s perspectives. This month we will focus on heart opening postures and practices, because buckling down doesn’t have to bring you down. We will lean into practices that will make you feel a little lighter and more open. Even though we have less sunlight in the day, we can find more light in ourselves.

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