Yoga is for everybody

Posted Jan 25th, 2018 by Biz Magarity
Nava Yoga Center Chair Yoga
It is for those who say things like, “I’m not flexible enough,” or “I have issues with my health,” or “I’m too old.” If these words have ever crossed your mind, I assure you, yoga is still for you. 
In fact, a chair-based yoga class may be the key to you joining the millions of people around the globe practicing yoga for greater vitality. Chair Yoga is an approach to practice that adapts common postures using the support of a chair while either seated, or standing. These modifications are most beneficial to those with… 
  • limited range of motion;
  • difficulty when getting up and down from the floor;
  • unable to lie down on the ground;
  • difficulty with balance, or standing for long periods of time​
At the heart of this approach, is an inquiry between student and teacher – one where you will determine what is a safe and appropriate way to move, even if you are unable to get up and down from the floor.  

So yes, yoga is for you too.  
All you need is a willingness to take an active role in your health and wellbeing. Possible side effects include: greater strength and mental stamina, stress relief, reduced physical pain and a renewed sense of Self. 
Nava Yoga’s Chair Yoga Class is offered every Monday from 10 – 11am in the Navy Yard.  

For a sneak peak, check out our short, 3 minute video of chair-based postures you can do at home or in your office.

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